I'm pretty handy as a home owner. Can I cut costs on my window and door restoration projects without cutting quality?

Can I save money by purchasing my own materials and hardware directly? 

Should I attempt to repair and replace my old casement wood window operators myself?

Can I replace the old worn out weather strip, seals and upgrade my hardware on my own?


The Short Answer: YES ..    The Long Answer:   DEFINITELY YES!


A lot of thought goes into window and door renovation and restoration projects. Should you listen to that "window sales person" .. telling you all those stories about your old and obsolete windows? .. Cmon , after all your old windows are at least 20 years old - right? Caradco Craftline Pella Alenco Therma-Tru Eagle Hurd Kolbe Lincoln M-W Malta Norco Norandex Norco Pozzi Jeld-Wen MilGard Rockwell Seal-Rite Semco Sealrite Oldach Outlook Norco Vedder Peachtree Crestline Weather-Vane Wenco Weather-Shield Windsor Truth Acorn Andersen Anderson Barber-Ross BetterBilt Crestmark PGT Phillips PlyGem Quaker Traco Pella Alenco ..   


Yes you can save money by purchasing your own parts and materials? - most contractors mark up 30%, 40%, 50% - up to 100% and more! Your home is your investment. As with any investment, you should weigh your options before making major decisions on home window restorations - and here are some things to consider: DIY home window and door improvements are about as safe a bet as you can make! DIY window and door projects done well, can save you a ton of money - Thousands and Thousands of dollars! If you're handy .. call or email us for help with parts. If you're not so "handy" .. do your research and hire a good handyman or home pro!


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